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This week I started working full time at DocuSign. The salary for Data Scientists / Software Engineers is really good compared to other jobs. But it’s never going to be…

…and why you should use them in every project moving forward

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You hate PyTorch. No, scratch that. You love PyTorch, however, you hate that it does not have any structure to it. You hate having to write the same training loop over and over again, putting stuff on GPU on your own and manually implementing best practices like mixed precision training.

Learn how to make quick data apps using Streamlit to test your model

We use all kinds of techniques from creating a very reliable validation set to using k-fold cross-validation or coming up with all sorts of fancy metrics to determine how good our model performs. However, nothing beats looking at the raw output. …

Learn how to implement Fasterrcnn in PyTorch and extract the feature map for every image

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Object detection is a task in computer vision where instead of classifying an image, we try to classify the objects present in the image. It has various applications like detecting empty parking space, tracking objects in CCTV footage, and monitoring crops, which is the one we’ll be looking at.


Learn about a set of experiments we conducted for classifying brain hemorrhages.


This article is co-authored by Prajakta Phadke

The use of deep learning for medical applications has increased a lot in the last decade. Whether it’s to identify diabetes using retinopathy, predict
pnuemonia from Chest X-rays or count cells and measure organs using image segmentation, deep learning is being used everywhere…

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