Why good managers lead happier lives?


This article is a fun little analogy between skills of a good manager and traits I think can help you live a happy, low stress life. Cuz happiness is, after all, a choice you make and a muscle you develop.

What do good managers do?

  1. They communicate clearly

Whether it’s pink slips or promotions, documenting product requirements or painting a vision for the future, good managers are some of the best communicators.

A lot of problems in our lives stem from not communicating clearly or worse, not communicating at all. We make assumptions, spin in our own negative wheels and end up complicating simple situations. Talk. Ask. Verify. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

2. They delegate and trust

When a good manager assigns you a task, he trusts you to take care of it. Start to end.

When you tell your nephew to assemble documents, you expect them to create copies immediately, frown upon the way they staple them and ultimately take over when they can’t understand your filing system on first try.

Learn to let go :)

Learn to let people be the way they are, and do things the way they want. If they make mistakes, let them stumble and learn.

People are oddly consistent in their behaviors, and situations won’t change. Only your reaction can.

If you have trouble with this, visualize your death bed and see if you would be happy with the way you are fighting with your milkman right now.

3. They are planners

Being a good manager requires a lot of planning. Short term, long term. Per project, overall product, onboarding new hires, giving updates to leadership. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Similarly in life, if you don’t take the time to think about the various buckets, career, relationships, finances, health, etc, it is easy to get overwhelmed or neglect one or more buckets, or just tackle problems as they come.

I like the ancient idea of dedicating 4 months (a quarter) to each bucket. I’ve found that people especially need to work on their friendships and relationships since those are the easiest to avoid while you hustle away.

4. Regularly check in on you

Even with their busy schedules, good managers take the time to check in on you every single week, to see how you are doing personally and professionally. Need I say more?

5. Know their team’s strengths

When we get close to someone, we expect them to be a complete package. We want them to enjoy the soccer game with us, talk to us about businesses and investing and also appreciate our taste in music. And when they’re not, we’re disappointed. Why?

We should have music friends, and soccer friends and investing friends, why do we expect one person to be everything?

Good managers don’t do this.

6. See the bigger picture

You think about the road ahead, they think about the whole journey.

Long term thinking is a skill they’ve developed.

Every bucket of your life will compound and give you exponential returns if you focus on the long term while meeting your short term obligations as well.


That will be it for this article. If your manager has any other traits that can help others in life, mention it in the comments below.

~happy learning



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